the-magnificent-seven-2016Denzel does it again. The walk. The talk. The coolness. He brings all of that and more as a cowboy in The Magnificent Seven, an authentic tribute to the classic western genre, as well as a great remake of the original. Of all the westerns to hit the big screen, this particular one stands with the best of them.

Leading a diverse cast of individuals who are experts with guns, knives, bows and arrows, etc, Denzel’s character shows that anyone regardless of their background, creed or color, can come together for a common cause of the greater good. A sense of purpose and change. Belonging to something that really matters. This is what really is the essence of the story. Everybody wants to be apart of something worthy in life.

In addition to the great story, The Magnificent Seven also displays something that hasn’t been seen in awhile on film; good old fashioned gun fights. No sophisticated weapons shooting endless rounds or super powers taking out the enemy. Just cowboys displaying their marksmanship with six shooters and shotguns. The shoot outs in the film were quite reminiscent of the spaghetti westerns that highlighted such classic gun fighting. A great refresher for these modern times of cinema display.

The Magnificent Seven is an A+ grade without question. It’s vintage escapism without the CGI, super special effects and multilayered plots that we as the audience can get lost in at times.  Even the movie score gives TMS an adventurous western feel. For those fans that grew up on this genre of entertainment, TMS takes you on a grand walk down memory lane.  Two guns up.