In case you missed Dave Chappelle’s skit with Chris Rock on SNL about the election, here’s what happened.  Dave & Chris were watching the election with a group of white friends who couldn’t believe what was unfolding.  All of their white buddies were stunned, shocked & surprised at what was happening, which resulted in the improbable.  Then they realized how divided this country was & still is.  Dave & Chris just sat back & laughed because they knew, just like the majority of black folk in this country, that it’s “business as usual” when it comes to race.

If it’s one thing this election proved is that at the core, a good portion of White America don’t like anymore that doesn’t look like them.  They mask it in public and practice their dislike in private.  They smile in your face as if they’re friendly, then whisper about it amongst their white comrades.  They turn a blind eye to it, as if nothing is wrong, then go to the polls & demonstrate that the country is turning too “minority”.  This is what Trump tapped into during his campaign. That fear of the country turning too brown, too black, too non-white. Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again”, is nothing but code for Make America WHITE Again.

The skit with Dave & Chris is a microcosm of how naive white folk are when it comes to racism in this country.  All the jokes that Dave & Chris told about racism in America that they laughed at, now it’s like what???  It’s all true???  I had no idea we were like that!!  Most of my friends are black!!!  Guys like Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, etc, have been telling you all for decades how racism still is a major problem in this country.  But instead of listening & taking notes, you were busy laughing & bobbing your head to the beat. Now with the election of Trump, you really got a front row of seat of how racism still is at the forefront of My Country Tis of Thee, Sweet Land Of Liberty….

So as you sit there & watch LeBron dunk the ball on the court,  Adrian Peterson break through tackles on the football field, Usher dance on the stage & Drake’s rap videos, keep in mind what America has really revealed about itself on November 8, 2016. You can no longer be blind to the facts. You showed your true self & it can’t be taken back.  You can say all you want, but realize a dangerous precedent for this country has been set, so be prepared for the ride of a lifetime that you thought would never come.