If you’re not familiar with the name Leslie Moonves, just google him as they say. You will see his title as CEO of CBS pop up, as well as a very intriguing comment he made during the election. He said at a business conference back in October that Donald Trump may be bad for America, but good for CBS. Imagine that, a top executive who puts the very fabric of honorable journalism to the back of the bus for the sake of ratings. And mass distraction.

This is all Donald Trump has been doing since the election.  Massively distract.  The media has allowed him to get away with it.  The public doesn’t recognize it or turns a blind eye to it.  All of his tweets about the disrespect his VP elect received watching Hamilton, the SNL skits about him tweeting, etc, is all just a minor tune posing as a major production to side step what should be still at the forefront.

Have we forgotten that Trump still has yet to release his taxes???  What about all of the hate crimes that have been taking place in the country since Election Day??? What about the truth of his “rescue” of Carrier in Indiana, which by the way is Pence’s state of governance??? What a convenience that of all the so called companies that needed “persuasion” from moving jobs overseas, this specific one is used for our optics to view.  But what was not reported by the mass-less media, the mayor of Indianapolis wasn’t invited, and some of the prominent local news reporters were shunned away right at the doorstep. Think about it, if such an occasion happened in your major city, wouldn’t you have the most well known local politicians and media there to be apart of it??? And only HALF of the jobs were kept from being shipped to Mexico. The whole Carrier bit was nothing more than a private event turned publicity stunt to give the impression that Trump really cares. And of course, to sidetrack us from the real issues, one of which is the alignment of his staff. Take a close look America of who Trump is surrounding himself with to run our nation. Sad.

It’s disturbing how effective distraction is in the mass-less media nowadays. We blow up tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, etc while the real news is buried. We allow propaganda to run rampant without fact checking. We let the truth be ignored by lies and deception. Instead of challenging the news presented to us, we just sit back and let soundbites dictate what’s gospel. So I guess Leslie Moonves was right. What’s bad for America, is good for CBS.  And CNN.  And MSNBC.  And dreadful Fox News.  And any other network across the country who’d rather sacrifice good, real news for R&B. Ratings & Bullshit.