So this year’s Oscars got it right with the much deserved victories belonging to Viola Davis, Masherela Ali & the film Moonlight, despite the blunder that happened at the end. After push back from #OscarsSoWhite, this year answered the bell with nominations & its results overall. But moving forward, how will this keep the momentum going to ensure the Oscars doesn’t return to a feeling of a Whites only club???

First, let me say that Hidden Figures should have won a golden statue for something. The story of how black women propelled us into outer space was Oscar worthy itself, and much more compelling than a La La Land or Manchester By The Sea. Second, in my opinion about Figures deserving of something lends me to ask how much of the Oscars is agenda driven??? How come La La Land got all the pub with numerous nominations & Hidden Figures didn’t??? What made La La so “compelling” for it to be the darling showered with more praise??? From what I saw, a movie about jazz & having the only black folk as the band in it doesn’t show much at all. And somehow,this flick managed to get Emma Watson the award for Best Actress. #Headscratcher

The point I’m making is that award shows such as the Grammys & Oscars, are still at the core agenda driven. And that agenda overall doesn’t allow proper balance or representation. How can Beyonce’ not win Album Of The Year yet at this stage of her career??? How many times was Denzel Washington snubbed for Best Actor before Training Day??? By the way, I think he got snubbed again this year. Why can’t action or sci-fi films get more love beyond special effects & costumes in the Oscar nominations??? Why does it seem that certain roles or album themes only result in awards??? And the biggest question of all, why don’t the majority of films and/or music that win these prestigious awards don’t make that much money??? You would think that such an honor would translate into dollars right???

For those who criticize why there are the BET Awards, NAACP Image Awards, etc this is the very reason why. This is why cable networks such as BET & TV One were created. When the majority fails to recognize talent outside of color & agendas, we have to turn to our own to do so. And even though there are waaaaaaaay too many award shows in general, if one takes off their rose colored glasses, he or she can understand why.